Four Must-Haves for Spring

Spring time is a fun time. For those of us living in Northern states, we have thawed from winter’s chill, put away our winter clothes in exchange for lighter fabrics, foods and skin care. When a new season hits, I like to I switch up my routines; and this spring is no different.

When it comes to spring fashion, my three must haves are open toe mules,  showing off my bare shoulders and a black moto jacket (that naturally goes with everything).

When it comes to what I eat, I am all about fresh food. Don’t get me wrong, fresh food is necessary all year round but there is something about the mild and warm springtime weather that makes me crave greens and fresh fruit even more. Nothing is better than a green salad or bowl of fruit on a warm May day.

 There is nothing like dining under the great big sky. I am a fan of Al fresco dining. A posh picnic or outdoor gathering with fine wine, good and simple food and excellent company is a recipe for a relaxed and fun time had by all.

And lastly, I  like to switch up my skincare and makeup routine. That means reaching for light weight moisturizers and SPF, adding bronzer for a healthy glow and a pop of color to my lips. A classic red lip never fails.

These are my must-haves for spring, what are yours?


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