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10 Event Day Must-Haves

You have been planning your event for months now and finally the big day is here! In this post, I share a few event day Must-Haves so you can slay the day!

Obviously there are “day of essentials” for your client events (welcome bags, materials, supplies and signage, lighting, decor etc) but I am referring to YOUR day-of essentials! It's easy to forget the things YOU need to keep in your back pocket (literally) to help you rock the task at hand!  

 Photo taken by Flytographer Johnny in NYC

 Photo taken by Flytographer Johnny in NYC

Here are my top 10 Event Day essentials:

1. Snacks and Water:

I like my snacks to be small and compact and a mix of sweet and salty options. A few days before, I’ll go shopping for granola bars, dried fruit, animal crackers, pretzels, dark chocolate and nuts to fuel me throughout the day. I also carry around my refillable water bottle to stay hydrated.

Event day bag of goodies!

Event day bag of goodies!


2. Petty Cash:

Credit card machines break down and unforeseen circumstances and emergencies can happen. Save yourself some grief and have cash on hand.

3. Electronics:

Pack your briefcase or laptop bag with all of your electronic essentials. For some events, I set-up a prep room. This is where I will “live” prior to event set-up time. I make sure to plug in my power surge protector to juice my laptop, mophie and any other electronics. When I am on-site, I need to stay powered up and connected so that people-- especially vendors and clients can reach me.

4. Positive Attitude

 Remain gracious, calm and kind to to everyone you meet. It not only makes tense situations better but you end up feeling better in the end too!

5. Map

At some point during the day, you or someone else will need to run errands or ask you for directions. Prepare yourself to be helpful by mapping out the nearest grocery stores, coffee shops and drugstores.

6. Point of Contact list

Create a document with the names and phone numbers of everyone on your team and point of contacts for your vendors. Make sure you have the numbers for each person that is making the delivery or setting-up, not just the contact from the office. #Protip

7. Copy of  Key documents

Have a folder or binder of all contracts and agreements and layouts.

8. Master Schedule

If you are old school, have this on paper, or if more high-tech, keep it on your ipad or laptop. The point is to have it accessible at all times.

9. Emergency Kit

Pack an emergency kit and keep it stocked with items like aspirin, bandages, safety pins and contact solution.

10. Change of shoes

And last but not least, bring a change of shoes. If I am getting physical on the job, I like to have an old pair of tennis shoes and then slip into shoes that are more fitting of the event.

This is my top 10, what else would you include?


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